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Canna Cruise is the first canna organization focusing on raising awareness and educating people through an array of interactive and engaging experiences. We offer experiences in the most canna friendly destinations in Europe, Spain and The Netherlands, with plans to expand to other canna friendly cities.

Canna Cruise was founded in 2019 in Amsterdam, and started off as a small boat tour company offering cruises through the picturesque canals. From the beginning, our focus has been to educate visitors and locals about canna history and culture of Amsterdam. Unlike other companies, we decided to shift our focus onto the educational aspect as it was very important for us to differentiate ourselves and offer something new and interesting to the market. Since then, we have expanded to other cities in Spain and are planning to expand to other countries which are leaning towards the decriminalization or legalization of canna.

Our mission is to educate individuals about canna and offer engaging and interactive activities in the most canna friendly cities around the world!

  • Nico U

    Best boat tour in amsterdam 🙂 everyone was chilled and the host and captain were awesome amsterdam without a boat trip isn’t the same. So give it a try.

  • Lina Carlotta

    We went in the evening of a hot day and it was super refreshing to be so close to the water and not have to walk. Even though I had been on cruises before, it’s always nice to enjoy the flair of the city by water. The crew and other guests were super nice too. I really liked it.

  • ema

    Taking the Canna Cruise was a perfect way to experience Amsterdam! Beautiful scenery of the city, fun cannabis equipment, and the staff are great! Definitely recommend for those who like to get stoned and take on the views

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  • Raffaela

    I went on the Canna Cruise in August during a hot day and it was an amazing experience. The tour guide and the captain were very friendly and helpful. I can only recommend the Canna Cruise for anyone who wants to experience Amsterdam 🙂

  • mario

    Great for anyone visiting Amsterdam who wants to take a ride through the canals while smoking weed and learning about the city’s cannabis history. Super relaxing experience overall.

  • Leonidas

    I went on a hot summer day, and it was the perfect way to relax, enjoy the weather, smoke some weed and also learn about the history of weed in Amsterdam. Everyone on the boat was very friendly, and I could ask the tour guide any question I wanted. We ordered drinks, which were nice and price-friendly. Would go again!

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